Flint Heart (n_tropy) wrote,
Flint Heart

Gabe’s First Movie.

We didn’t think Gabe was ready to watch a movie yet.  We had watched Wall-E last sunday with Rae and Barry. Our current plan was to wait till he was 4.  That changed on Friday when I downloaded an old Wall-E preview on the PS3… as soon as it was done and Wall-E said his name, Gabe promptly said it exactly like Wall-E did.  On sunday he insisted we get him a Wall-E book when we went shopping for more batteries for his train.  So today I called Art and met his kids to watch Wall-E with Gabe.  He sat in my lap the whole movie as quiet as can be.  He seemed to really enjoy himself.  He’s informed me that we are going again and said he wanted to see kung fu panda. Next time we’ll bring Mom along with us.

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